TeenPact Hawaii ~ April 2011

The 2 middle girls were able to attend TeenPact Hawaii, while Bob, Danielle and I saw God’s beautiful creation expressed in this tropical “paradise”. Go to to see what they were up to during the 4 day class. Aloha!


May 14, 2010 Making “Name” bookmarks

We got a letter today from a someone in prison who we’ve been trying to encourage by mail, and he had enclosed some really cool “Name” bookmarks. After the girls finished school, they decided to make their own for friends!
They ended up making about 12 of them for friends in their homeschool group! What a great idea!

January 28, 2010 Cake Contest Was A Blast!

We had a blast decorating these cakes for a cake contest.  One of my homeschool mom friends thought of doing this.  Crystal’s cake was a kitty-cat cake, Bethie’s was the cake with green icing–those are horses on the top, and Danielle’s was a sweetheart cake.