June 2012 Bought a House!

Danielle and Soffi This is the house we bought in the background. There was quite a bit of fix-up to do to this house, but at least Bob and girls pulled out carpet and got flooring down before we had to move in. Here is Danielle walking “Soffi”. . She was hired by our neighbor to walk Soffi at lunchtime, and has been enjoying her new job!


November 7, 2009 Danielle has her 8th Birthday Party

Danielle 8 years old 11.7.09I LOVED this day!  Danielle had her  princess birthday party today!  I had been praying for a birthday party for Danielle to “happen” but it just wasn’t happening!  Life was getting in the way.  So finally I scheduled it for the day of my birthday(Nov. 7. . I won’t mention the year I was born). . and it all fell into place. 

I had the BEST time making this Princess birthday cake: 

Danielle Birthday Cake 11.7.09

The cake!

Crystal and Bethie were the “hostesses”, and Alissa was the photographer . (she takes really good pictures).  Here’s a great pix she took of the girls playing “hide the princess”:Danielle with other Princesses in the closet 11.7.09

Kate, Lesley, Elizabeth, Hannah (down below!), Danielle (in wig I got for $1 at an “after Halloween” sale), and Courtney!

I couldn’t ask for a better birthday!

October 29, 2009 Danielle is 8 today!


Danielle and Tinna 8.09Today is a great day to post since it is Danielle’s 8th birthday. . :). . . So here is a picture of our “baby”. . . Poor Bob won’t be home until tomorrow to celebrate with us, but she had a great day anyway as she opened Grammie and Pap’s gifts.  The dress we all LOVED (my mom has great taste), and she immediately put it on, but it is a tad tight.  Nevertheless it stayed on all day, even though it MUST go back to Kohl’s.  

In case you’re wondering. . . we still haven’t found a house here to buy.  Finally, a couple of days ago, I started asking God if maybe He doesn’t want us to buy a house here? (Duh? After 17 months of looking for a house?)  Might make sense.  I am trying to hear His voice.  Alissa is wearing out Crystal by getting her to help her study for a World Literature test.  Bethie went to Girls’ chorus practice.  Crystal worked on her Biblical Foundations course (it’s an online course she is taking from Bryan College. . although she has not def. decided that’s where she wants to go for college.  We’re leaving that up to her.)

Other than those activities, it was a special girl’s birthday day.