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Moving Day is Here

Well, I have been telling people that we are moving to Virginia for about a year now. . . I even sent a farewell letter with our change of address out last July!!  But God has His own timing and it does not always coincide with mine, as we saw this summer.  We do thank Him for His sovereign hand of guidance and provision, even when it overrides our own wills.


Penske is cheaper (I found out later!)

However, today we are finally pulling out of Dayton for the last time.  We sure will miss our Tennessee friends!  (This is an understatement!)   I dislike change and I REALLY dislike saying goodbye.  I am telling myself that’s it’s “Au Revoir” instead:  “Goodbye until we see you again”.  Some day soon, we will be in our “forever” home and there won’t be any more goodbyes, packing or long drives to see friends and family.  Until then, we follow in the path the Lord has set before us, thanking Him for His  daily mercies.   1 Thess. 4:16-18 comes to mind.  Our love and prayers will continue for all our Tennessee friends, as well as all the wonderful Bryan students we met during our 7 years in Tennessee!   Come see us in Virginia!