The 16th Week: House Hunting, House Selling, Cheerleading & Jedi Costumes

I titled this post “the 16th week” because 16 weeks have passed since 3 members of our family moved to VA. . . (Also the title is a nod to my fellow blogger at  The Time That is Given Me.  🙂 –She will hate that– heh heh.)  Over these past 16 weeks, while the 3 of them have been enjoying taking classes and writing papers and teaching Anatomy & Physiology classes (snowboarding and visiting new churches too), Bob and Danielle and I have continued searching for a house for our family to call “home” in VA.  (An all consuming project — the accomplishment of this search has thus far eluded all our bravest attempts.) Meanwhile, after spending 5 weeks of October and November camped out in the 3 girls’ cramped abode in VA, Bob, Danielle and I returned to TN for Thanksgiving and to work on hopefully selling our house here to an interested couple who are now applying for their financing.  Danielle continues with her homeschooling, cheer and gymnastics, and Bob and I continue house hunting via the web.

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I am not using the word “cosplay” to describe my costume sewing activities. . . Why?  For some reason I have an aversion to using the word “play” when it is joined with the activity of sewing 🙂 . . . However, I do enjoy creating something that will bring enjoyment to my daughter and husband. . . My “progress” so far includes the following:


Trip 1 to Walmart: Buy a 2nd pattern b/c Crystal took the directions with her to VA! Also, buy interfacing and thread  (Bethie and Danielle bought fabric already.)


Assemble all pattern pieces, dig around in all my packed boxes to look for pins, pinking shears. . . (unable to find pinking shears as Bethie has taken both pairs to VA 😦 . . .)


Made 2nd trip to Walmart to buy pinking shears. . . Awww, finally ready to help Danielle pin and  cut out her Jedi costume!!  Maybe a Sith costume for Bob !


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