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November 2015: Together in 316

We are reunited (except Fluffy)!

As usual, we are looking for a house (again).  We moved last in 2012 and before that it was 2010, and before that it was 2008. At least this time it will have been 3 years between moves.  Danielle and I have been up with the older girls for a couple weeks, with Bob joining us, and so far, we have enjoyed doing some really fun new things and meeting new friends!


We also enjoyed seeing Crystal in her new work environment where she teaches Anatomy and Physiology labs.  It was fun seeing her being filmed while dissecting a human eye.  Not so fun to see one of her students dissecting a cat 😦 . . Well, all for the good of scientific advancement I guess.


We will hopefully get to see more of what Alissa has been up to soon.  Mostly, she has been writing many many papers!  She says that’s what grad school is all about.

We continue to try to trust and wait upon the Lord to provide us with a place to live in His good time.  Isaiah 40:31