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May 2015 Crystal Graduates!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that Crystal has finished 4 years of Biology studies, but she has.  She graduated from Bryan College May 9, 2015.  This past year, she finally discovered what she loves to do:  Tutoring and teaching students science!  After much prayer and seeking the Lord for direction, she is heading to Liberty University Graduate School this fall to work on her master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences with the goal of getting better qualified to teach.


Crystal Graduation3 5.9.15

Crystal Graduation2 5.9.15

Crystal Graduation 5.9.15


May 2015 Update on Alissa

I was glancing back over my blog posts and realized that I never posted an “Alissa graduates from Bryan College” post! (She graduated from Bryan in May 2012 :)) The reason I never posted about this milestone in her life is because in May, we were searching diligently for a house to buy at the time and we had some pressure on us because the lease was ending on our rental home in June. So right after she graduated we were busy packing and moving into our house on Troy Drive that we bought in June.
I remember Alissa was REALLY busy her senior year, as one semester she had to perform her senior piano performance recital to complete her Piano Pedagogy major, and then the other semester she had to finish her senior thesis for her English major. The house we were renting that year was perfect for Alissa because she had her own room in the basement and I remember one day going down there to check on her and she had papers all over the floor as she was putting sections of her English thesis in the order she wanted them in. It was a exciting and fulfilling year for her! 401769_3573526028241_355600792_n
In the next couple months, Alissa will be preparing to go back to school, something she didn’t plan on ever doing. She has been accepted into the Music Education masters program at Liberty University, so will join sisters Beth and Crystal in new adventures in Lynchburg, Virginia. I can’t wait to see all that God will do!