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October 30, 2009 I’ve been making bread

Crystal makes bread 8.09Here’s Crystal with a loaf of bread she made.  The girls made it daily (they said) while Bob and I were in Colorado Springs in late July.  I’ve been making bread myself  daily now for a couple weeks.  I really like doing it.  I don’t know if it saves me any money, but it’s fun.  There also aren’t any preservatives in it.  The main reason I do it though is because I really ENJOY preparing food for people to eat instead of just buyng it ready made.  I got that from my mom and grama.  Especially my grama.  Her whole life revolved around preparing food, and in her 80’s, she is still preparing food for others.


October 29, 2009 Danielle is 8 today!


Danielle and Tinna 8.09Today is a great day to post since it is Danielle’s 8th birthday. . :). . . So here is a picture of our “baby”. . . Poor Bob won’t be home until tomorrow to celebrate with us, but she had a great day anyway as she opened Grammie and Pap’s gifts.  The dress we all LOVED (my mom has great taste), and she immediately put it on, but it is a tad tight.  Nevertheless it stayed on all day, even though it MUST go back to Kohl’s.  

In case you’re wondering. . . we still haven’t found a house here to buy.  Finally, a couple of days ago, I started asking God if maybe He doesn’t want us to buy a house here? (Duh? After 17 months of looking for a house?)  Might make sense.  I am trying to hear His voice.  Alissa is wearing out Crystal by getting her to help her study for a World Literature test.  Bethie went to Girls’ chorus practice.  Crystal worked on her Biblical Foundations course (it’s an online course she is taking from Bryan College. . although she has not def. decided that’s where she wants to go for college.  We’re leaving that up to her.)

Other than those activities, it was a special girl’s birthday day.