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June 23, 2009 Girls Baptized! Still looking for a house for our family

Baptism 6.28.09

All four girls were baptized. Bob cried tears of joy.

Well we’ve been here in Tennessee since last September and have covered every square inch of the county looking for a house for our family of 6. I know the Lord has a reason for us not finding the right one yet and I have to trust that Romans 8:28 is true. So many people are going through so much all over our country. Our trials are nothing compared to most people’s. I just read a blog where the author was really going through some tough trials. She lives in the inner city.   My heart goes out to this young woman and her family. I appreciate her being so candid. I have to continue to look at unseen things, but it takes faith. Romans 10:17.

It was a great month though, with the four girls getting baptized.  Bob cried tears of joy.  It was a very special day.