February 21, 2009 Bethie takes a ride for her birthday!

Bethie and Tinna 9.09A big thing that happened today is Bob found a stable where Bethie could take a horseback riding lesson for her birthday present! (Her birthday is February 24).  She’s been waiting a long time to ride again. We just haven’t been able to afford riding lessons. A bonus was that Debbie, the owner, was kind enough to let Crystal and Danielle take a short ride on “Midnight” as well! They were thrilled!  Bethie was thanking the Lord.

Bob’s Mom is not doing well.  We don’t know what to think.  Bob has to go to work; he’s taken off so much time already with flying back and forth to see his Dad (who passed away January 29) and visit his Mom. . .. . . . although he’d like to be up there more of course.  He is a loving son.  Mom is not in intensive care but the step down from that, as she had been improving slightly.  She is 72 I think. 

Update:  On February 24 Mom went to be with the Lord.  It’s a sad sad time for all of us, especially Bob and his siblings as they were all so close.  I had the privilege of getting to know Mom this past year as we were Cinching together (a weight loss program).  She was such an encouragement.  She has such a positive outlook on life as does Bob.  She is missed so very much.


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