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January 29, 2009 Bob’s Dad passes away; His Mom is hospitalized

Bob is back from Massachusetts.  His Dad died last week in the nursing home, at 85 years old, on January 29. He was born on Dec. 15, 1923. Bob got back from all the funeral stuff on Sunday night, and then got a call early Monday morning.  His mom had collapsed and had to be rushed to the ER.  She was drugged up and put on a life support system (ventilator). . .  So he went back up there last Monday, Feb. 2.  He just got back Thursday Feb. 5 (last night).  She is still hanging on.  The kids aren’t sure what to do.  What would Mom want?  What do all 6 kids think is best?  (they must decide together).  What does the Dr. recommend and what does he leave for them to decide?  It’s difficult. 

Danielle and I had a tough time doing math today.  It was my fault as I was up too late last night on the computer.  It makes me “meaner” the next day, and less patient.  She did well, after I grabbed hold of myself and saw what I was doing (being impatient).  Then we had a pretty good time together doing piano (I taught her lesson this week.  Usually Crystal or Alissa teaches her, but I was already there helping her practice, so I went ahead and taught her lesson too.   She is the only one of the 4 girls that is not way ahead of me in their piano abilities, so I am taking advantage of the time with her while I can.)

Her Daddy did a fun science experiment with her on how rocks are formed (sedimentary rocks).  Then Bob did a science experiment with Bethie!    Crystal had a good time at her flute lesson.  I accompanied Bethie to her violin lesson again and sat in on it (Suzuki method requires parents to do this), and Bethie got passed off on “Song of the Wind”.  So it was a good school day.  Alissa, our college freshman,  is glad that it’s Friday.

Bob and the girls just got back from a farm they enjoy visiting on the mountain where they fed the horses and donkeys.  They had a great time.