A Time to Pray. . .

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As we continue to look at unseen things (2 Cor. 4:18), and realize more and more that our invisible God works in response to our prayers, then we should take advantage of the privilege of seeking Him daily, bringing before Him our daily needs and the needs of others.  I want to challenge you to do this, and keep a record of the needs you have brought before Him each day, so that you can look back and see the things He has done!  “You do not have because you do not ask.  You ask and do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your pleasures.” (James 4:2-3)  I have found that if I add the phrase, “if it be according to Your will”, it helps to eradicate wrong motives, and helps to weed out asking for things that are just selfish.  Did you know that if you ask anything according to His will, He hears you?  And did you know that if you know that He hears you, then you will definitely HAVE the request you have asked of Him?!  Just read 1 John 5:14-15 for confirmation of this!  

Here’s a great prayer I found while reading in my daily Bible reading this week (and if you pray this prayer, you WILL receive it, because it is according to His will!) in Exodus 33:13: . . . . “let me know Your ways Lord, so that I may understand You more fully. . . ”  This is a prayer of Moses, a mighty man of God.  May we all pray this prayer!    Exodus 33.13


Moving Day is Here

Well, I have been telling people that we are moving to Virginia for about a year now. . . I even sent a farewell letter with our change of address out last July!!  But God has His own timing and it does not always coincide with mine, as we saw this summer.  We do thank Him for His sovereign hand of guidance and provision, even when it overrides our own wills.


Penske is cheaper (I found out later!)

However, today we are finally pulling out of Dayton for the last time.  We sure will miss our Tennessee friends!  (This is an understatement!)   I dislike change and I REALLY dislike saying goodbye.  I am telling myself that’s it’s “Au Revoir” instead:  “Goodbye until we see you again”.  Some day soon, we will be in our “forever” home and there won’t be any more goodbyes, packing or long drives to see friends and family.  Until then, we follow in the path the Lord has set before us, thanking Him for His  daily mercies.   1 Thess. 4:16-18 comes to mind.  Our love and prayers will continue for all our Tennessee friends, as well as all the wonderful Bryan students we met during our 7 years in Tennessee!   Come see us in Virginia!


The 16th Week: House Hunting, House Selling, Cheerleading & Jedi Costumes

I titled this post “the 16th week” because 16 weeks have passed since 3 members of our family moved to VA. . . (Also the title is a nod to my fellow blogger at  The Time That is Given Me.  🙂 –She will hate that– heh heh.)  Over these past 16 weeks, while the 3 of them have been enjoying taking classes and writing papers and teaching Anatomy & Physiology classes (snowboarding and visiting new churches too), Bob and Danielle and I have continued searching for a house for our family to call “home” in VA.  (An all consuming project — the accomplishment of this search has thus far eluded all our bravest attempts.) Meanwhile, after spending 5 weeks of October and November camped out in the 3 girls’ cramped abode in VA, Bob, Danielle and I returned to TN for Thanksgiving and to work on hopefully selling our house here to an interested couple who are now applying for their financing.  Danielle continues with her homeschooling, cheer and gymnastics, and Bob and I continue house hunting via the web.

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I am not using the word “cosplay” to describe my costume sewing activities. . . Why?  For some reason I have an aversion to using the word “play” when it is joined with the activity of sewing 🙂 . . . However, I do enjoy creating something that will bring enjoyment to my daughter and husband. . . My “progress” so far includes the following:


Trip 1 to Walmart: Buy a 2nd pattern b/c Crystal took the directions with her to VA! Also, buy interfacing and thread  (Bethie and Danielle bought fabric already.)


Assemble all pattern pieces, dig around in all my packed boxes to look for pins, pinking shears. . . (unable to find pinking shears as Bethie has taken both pairs to VA 😦 . . .)


Made 2nd trip to Walmart to buy pinking shears. . . Awww, finally ready to help Danielle pin and  cut out her Jedi costume!!  Maybe a Sith costume for Bob !

November 2015: Together in 316

We are reunited (except Fluffy)!

As usual, we are looking for a house (again).  We moved last in 2012 and before that it was 2010, and before that it was 2008. At least this time it will have been 3 years between moves.  Danielle and I have been up with the older girls for a couple weeks, with Bob joining us, and so far, we have enjoyed doing some really fun new things and meeting new friends!


We also enjoyed seeing Crystal in her new work environment where she teaches Anatomy and Physiology labs.  It was fun seeing her being filmed while dissecting a human eye.  Not so fun to see one of her students dissecting a cat 😦 . . Well, all for the good of scientific advancement I guess.


We will hopefully get to see more of what Alissa has been up to soon.  Mostly, she has been writing many many papers!  She says that’s what grad school is all about.

We continue to try to trust and wait upon the Lord to provide us with a place to live in His good time.  Isaiah 40:31

September 2015 A New “Normal”?

This is the new ONLY way we get to see Alissa, Crystal and Beth these days:11033102_10206475778244660_1725528502240023576_o
Instead of all of us moving to VA, we are still here in TN and the 3 older girls are in a rented townhouse in Virginia, studying at Liberty. (The fourth girl in the Skype screen is Stefania, a friend who visited Liberty that weekend 🙂 .)
It’s working out ok for them, but really took me by surprise. God’s will and God’s ways often do that. Mike Smith said, “I’d rather have grace than answers because if I had answers I would still need grace.” I wonder if I could extrapolate to say, “I’d rather have faith than answers because if I had answers I would still need faith”? Ie. “Without faith, it is impossible to please God. . ” Hebrews 11:6 We continue to look at the things which are unseen, including faith, hope and love (1 Cor 13:13). . “these 3 things remain”. . .

May 2015 Beth Graduates — with a Pie in Her FACE!

Beth Grad Party 5.30.15
We now have our third homeschooled high school graduate, as of May 16, 2015! And the ensuing graduation party was the perfect end to her high school career–a pie in the face!
Beth is headed to Liberty University in the fall, and plans to major in Cinematic Arts and maybe minor in Fashion Design. . She has quite a bit of interest in cosplay and enjoys using the creative talents God has blessed her with in creating amazing costumes for her favorite movie premieres. Below is the “fem” Captain America costume she created for the premiere of Avengers Age of Ultron 🙂 :11233801_815055648574181_3354419684554931033_n